Lloyd Jacobson, Founder/Editor

Lloyd is a community advocate who has worked for local and national non-profits and universities in Houston, Austin, and Washington DC for over 25 years.

As an organizer and publicist working with numerous awareness campaigns and events, he spotted early-on the potential for online media to reach larger audiences at a lower cost, with more control in messaging, and greater connectivity with members.

Lloyd is a graduate of the University of Houston where he received a BA in Political Science and a Masters in Social Work, all while also founding the campus’s first institutionalized community service-learning program, the Metropolitan Volunteer Program.

Today he is a unrepentant policy wonk who watches far too much C-SPAN; a proud father of two; an active Red Cross disaster services volunteer; and a former aspiring stand-up comic/defensive-driving instructor (but that’s a long story.)

Favorite Quote:

“We must know how to perform the foolishness that our character requires.”  
Nicholas Chamfort – French Revolutionary Writer

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