Welcome to HOUmanitarian!

The inspiration for the HOUmanitarian logo.

Yes, we know its a misspelled. But we do not think its a mistake.
For years now as this city has grown in national and international stature, Houston has been noted for its role in humanitarian and philanthropic causes. Efforts aimed not only at local and regional problems, but also at national and international causes. Whether it has been our city opening its arms to Katrina evacuees, sending our medical center staffers overseas on relief missions, or just helping our neighbors in need through the myriad of local agencies, civic clubs, faith communities, and good corporate citizens, Houstonians has shown themselves to be a very caring people.

HOUmanitarian, as a new web-based initiative, will strive to be a vehicle for news on these local activities, information on trends in the domestic and international humanitarian fields, views on current challenges, and (in time) active debate on the issues of the day. Furthermore, we’d like to supplement the online presence with real face-to-face interactions, both with one another and our local humanitarian challenges, by organizing local volunteer and outreach projects. But more on that later.

We hope you’ll bookmark us and come back often as we get this site started. And don’t be shy about sharing ideas for future programs and features we could offer on the site.

-The Houmanitarian-