Eight Years After Hurricane Ike, Still No Action on Coastal Storm Surge Protection

While much has been made about Hurricane Ike’s 8th anniversary and the continued effort to repair some homes, much less is mentioned about large scale efforts to prevent hurricane damage in the future. Particularly how to address tidal surge in Galveston and coastal areas susceptible to residential and industrial damage. And many community and federal leaders are concerned nothing may be even decided until after the next big storm.
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Galveston levees would cost less, work better than proposed ‘Ike Dike,’ report finds (Houston Chronicle)



Students Learn 9/11 as More Than Just History

As time passes, so do collective memories. And for the generation that were just infants and toddlers when September 11th happened, the memories of that day are sketchy, even though the consequence of that day have influenced their entire life. A Fort Bend history teacher’s project has them examining both what they recall and what they can learn from the recorded history.
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Texas Child Support Enforcement Gets a New Tool, But Not Everyone is Excited About It

Effective September 1st, a new state rule goes into effect to deal with unpaid child support. Vehicle registrations will be stopped for all parents who are more than 6 months behind in payments. Yet local officials are still not sure how this will be implemented.
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And, some divorced parents, who are left with no support from an ex-spouse, are not sure it will work any way.
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