What’s Next: City Leaders Outline Plans for Flood Recovery

As flood water recedes, city officials begin outlining plans for recovery on Tuesday.
(Video KTRK 13 News)

Turn Around, Don’t Drown: Video Demonstrates the Danger

A live television feed of a flooded intersection this morning demonstrates why public officials always caution Houstonians about the dangers often hidden on flooded streets. Fortunately, for this man he was saved by the TV reporter.
(Video: KTRK 13 News)

Harris County Moves Toward Criminal Justice Reform with Help of MacArthur Foundation

The need for reform in our criminal justice system has been obvious in the wake of local, state and national stories for some time now. But with Houston/Harris County area being one of the largest urban areas in the nation – with an overwhelming recidivism rate and disparate numbers of racial minorities in our jails – a comprehensive reform effort is coming together with the aid of a $2 million MacArthur Foundation Safety and Justice Grant.
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Photo: Houston Chronicle