Houston Shows Fraternité with Family and Friends in Paris

With many transplanted French citizens in Houston, many families watch with great urgency the news coming from Paris about the recent terrorist attacks. Meanwhile others in the city showed their support for the City of Light, with a show of tri-color iights at city hall, and condolences paid at the French consulate.
(Video: KTRK 13 News)


Houston and Texas show support for Paris (Houston Chronicle)

Houston Fast Food Workers Join National Push for Minimum Wage Increase

Putting renewed focus on the income inequality debate, Houston fast-food workers joined a national day of protest for a higher minimum wage on Tuesday. It is bound to be a focus of debate as we go into a Presidential election year.

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Facts about the Minimum Wage (Pew Research Center)

Obamacare Open Enrollment Begins Third Year as Texas Advocates Seek to Increase Coverage Numbers

As November began the third annual open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act – ‘Obamacare’ - also launched. Yet because Texas still has not embraced expanding Medicaid, one of the central pieces of the national legislation, many in Texas who are most in need will be left out. Community nonprofits and public health officials though are renewing efforts to recruit new enrollees and advocates will continue to push the state to reconsider the policy while politicians continue to show massive resistance in Austin.
(Audio: Houston Public Media)

Houston-area employers, providers prepare for ACA changes in 2016 (Community Impact – Houston)