HISD Reveals New Mascots for Schools Formerly with Culturally Offensive Ones

Gone to the dogs, is where Native American inspired mascots have gone in Houston. (Well 3 out of 4 of them anyway.) After the Houston Independent School District ruled early this year that all schools with culturally offensive mascots (Redskins, Rebels, Indians, etc) must change, a search was launched to come up with new school identities. Somehow most of the schools came up with a dog-inspired theme. So lets hope Fido doesn’t become offended. (Video: KPRC 2 News)

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Helping A Hero Comes Under Scrutiny Over Policies and Lack of Transparency

A local charity that has been in the news off-and-on for high profile home giveaway events, is now in the news for less desirable reasons. Helping a Hero has help get new homes to returning disabled veterans is being questioned about its practices by one family it is in litigation with. And it has even denied requests from the Better Business Bureau for information on its fundraising practices. (Video: KHOU 11 News)


STAAR Testing Scandal: HISD Moves Forward With Terminating Three Teachers

Late last year allegations surfaced of possible cheating on the STAAR exam at several HISD schools. Now, after the completion of an investigation, the board is making way to terminate 3 teachers from Atherton Elementary. But not before the teachers tell their side of the story to KRIV’s Greg Groogan, and they have a lawyer launching a suit against the district. (Video: KRIV 26 News)