Why Federal Law Requires Care for Child Immigrants Arriving at our Borders

While politicians point fingers at each other over the child immigration surge on our Southern border, much of the law that is the directing how they are treated is rooted in law signed in 2008. It targets only youth from countries beyond Mexico and is intended to protect those who may come here due to trafficking or may have legitimate cause for asylum status. Local immigration experts break it down in this video. (KHOU 11 News)

More on the history of this act. (Video: New York Times)


Texas Motto “Friendship” is Tested as Child Migrants Arrive in Houston Area to Some Unwelcoming Neighbors

In the past few days stories have emerged about immigrant children from the surge on the Texas border arriving in Houston. Some are coming through Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport for transport to other parts of the nation. While others that are being housed in shelters in the Houston area. (Ex: Bolivar County, Galveston Island)
However, despite many seeing the situation as a humanitarian crisis, some citizens and elected officials, like one in League City, are not showing a welcoming embrace.

UPDATED: 7/9/14 – League City officials vote to not permit immigrant children into city.
(Video: KHOU)

(Video: KHOU)


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Houston’s Diversity & Outreach To New Immigrants Gets National Spotlight

The diversity of Houston got national attention this week, as CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS came to the city. They profiled not only the city, but the work that Neighborhood Centers does in the Gulfton area, where many new immigrants and resettled refugees, set up homes. (Video: CNN)