Scandal Swirls at MD Anderson As One Doctor is Charged With Poisoning Another


After a year of controversies over grants and alleged conflicts of interest, and looming budget cuts, a story involving two MD Anderson researchers is the last thing the institution needs right now.

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Todd Ackerman, Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle
The doctor liked his coffee black. So when it was sweet, he asked his lady friend, also a cancer physician and researcher, for another cup. She urged him to drink up anyway.

The coffee tasted sweet because it was laced with a sweet-tasting toxic chemical used in antifreeze and medical research, ethylene glycol, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The complaint referred to the chemical as “a deadly weapon.”

Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, a breast cancer oncologist at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, was charged last week with aggravated assault against Dr. George Blumenschein, a specialist in lung and head and neck cancers at the institution.MD-anderson-cancer-strikethru

The pair were in “a casual sexual relationship,” according to the complaint filed May 29, when Gonzalez-Angulo gave Blumenschein not just one cup of poisoned coffee, but two.

Sixteen hours later, he was taken to an emergency center, where he was found to have central nervous system depression, cardiopulmonary complications and renal failure. He subsequently had to undergo dialysis.
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