Father’s Day Even For Those Behind Bars

(Lomi Kriel & Michael Paulsen, Houston Chronicle)
Patricia Galvan scrimped over the past week for enough gas money to make the trek from Pasadena to downtown Houston, where her husband is in jail on a burglary charge.

The cash-strapped mother can’t make the trip as often as she’d like, but Sunday, after all, was special.

“It’s Father’s Day,” said Galvan, 30, pushing 3-year-old Annalee in a stroller and balancing Caylee, nearly nine months, on her hips. “We want to see him.”

Like the hundreds of relatives who lined up Sunday outside Harris County Jail and Joe Kegans State Jail, near San Jacinto and Commerce streets, the mother did what she could to mark the occasion. Roughly 10,000 inmates are held in Harris County jails; across the country, about 731 of every 100,000 Americans are incarcerated. The overwhelming majority are men.
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