Texas Lawmakers Warn Against Invalid Voter ID Law

(Pat Hernandez, KUHF Public Radio)
As early voting ends, one Houston lawmaker claims the Texas Voter ID Law might be keeping voters away from the polls. The measure, which was ruled invalid by the Justice Department, would have required a voter to present a valid photo ID before casting a ballot.

Houston Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was joined by local and state lawmakers in reminding voters of the importance of going to the polls. “We know that some soldier is not voting, we know a senior citizen is not voting. We know a disabled person is not voting, we know that a college student is not voting because the only information they have today, is that the voter ID law is in place.”

The measure, which was passed along party lines last year, was not able to take effect because Texas and other states with histories of discrimination, must have all changes to election law pre-cleared by a federal court, or the Justice Department which ruled the law invalid. (Hear the full story at KUHF Public Radio)



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