Strangers Help Mother of Montgomery Bus Kids So She Can Get Them Back

(Larry Seward, KHOU 11 News)
Volunteers are helping a mother get her kids back from Child Protective Services after they were found living in filth inside an abandoned school bus. Several volunteers have offered to help improve the living conditions of Sherrie Shorten’s property in the woods so that her family can be reunited.

“It’s just in our blood to help folks,” said Justin Evans, one of the volunteers.
Most admit something else pricked their hearts. Something else pushed people like Stan Winter, a Houston land planner, to write fire plans and install smoke detectors on an old school bus.

“We feel our purpose is to serve and not judge and this is an opportunity to help someone out,” Winter said.

Shorten’s children are in foster care. In March, a mail carrier found them alone living in filth. Their father is in prison and Shorten was recently released. The children’s guardian worked long hours. So, CPS stepped in and took custody. Now that she is home, Shorten wants a second chance. (See more at KHOU 11 New)



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