Student Deadline for Meningitis Shot Nears

(Cindy George/Houston Chronicle)
Thousands of area college students could be blocked from class registration this week if they don’t meet the state’s new meningitis vaccination requirement.

A law effective this month requires every student under 30 entering Texas colleges and universities to have had a meningococcal vaccine or booster within the past five years – or opt out by filing a medical or conscience exemption. The mandate also applies to transfer students 29 and younger and those who have had a break in enrollment at the same institution.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has allowed institutions to grant students a 10-day extension beyond the first day of school.

Classes begin Tuesday for most Houston colleges and universities, but the number of students turned away from classes this term won’t be known until later this month or early February. The issue is especially acute at community colleges because they have open enrollment, which means officials there must estimate how many students will be required to have the vaccine. (Read the full story at the Houston Chronicle)

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