Votes Are In: How Humanitarian Were Texas Voters?

Yesterday’s voter turn-out was quite poor given there was no major state or national race on the ballot, and surprisingly little competition in the mayoral race. Most of the main results are reported elsewhere, so we thought we’d point out a few relevant stories to the humanitarian and social issues we cover.

HISD Election: Despite Controversy Rodriguez, Narrowly Wins Re-Election
Incumbent trustee who issued a late campaign ad seen as anti-gay, narrowly defeated Ramiro Fonseca – by only 24 votes out of about 4,800 cast – according to complete but unofficial results. (Full story on Houston Chronicle)

Texas Constitutional Amendment Propositions We Were Watching:

  • Prop 1 – Allowing the surviving spouses of 100-percent disabled veterans to continue claiming an exemption from state property tax after the veteran dies.
    Approved – Yes: 82.88%  No: 17.12%
  • Prop 2 – Would allow the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), the state’s water-planning agency, to lend up to $6 billion via a bond fund dedicated to building and fixing water infrastructure. The proposal would raise the water board’s outstanding bond limit by $4 billion.
    Approved – Yes: 51.52%  No: 48.48%
  • Prop 3 – Would allow the Higher Education Coordinating Board to issue bonds that would fund low-interest student loans for college students without seeking voter approval every four to six years.
    Approved – Yes: 54.54%  No: 45.46%
  • Prop 4 – Would authorize the Legislature to let a county issue bonds to finance the development of underdeveloped, unproductive or blighted areas, pledging repayment from property tax revenues. Cities already have that authority.
    Failed – Yes: 40.30%  No: 59.70%
  • Prop 6 – Would increases Texas schools’ revenue by allowing the General Land Office to distribute revenue from the Permanent School Fund and increase that fund’s market value. It would also authorize up to $300 million a year to be transferred directly from the State Land Board to the Available School Fund.
    Approved – Yes: 51.49%  No: 48.41%
  • Prop 7 – Would allow a conservation and reclamation district to be created in El Paso County to maintain and create parks.
    Failed – Yes: 48.32%  No: 51.68%
  • Prop 8 – Would authorize property tax breaks for landowners who practice good public water conservation stewardship.
    Failed – Yes: 47.01%  No: 52.99%
  • Prop 9 – Would authorize the governor to grant a pardon to a person who successfully completes a term of deferred adjudication. Under the current Texas law, the governor may only pardon people who are convicted of a crime. If this proposal passes, it could give people convicted of more minor crimes the chance to ask for reprieves.
    Approved – Yes: 57.32%  No: 42.68%

Further Texas details are reported in the Texas Tribune here.

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