A New Way Of Seeing Houston:

Mapping Changes Block by Block

Side-by-side comparison of 2010(l) and 2000(r) Houston demographic profiles

Last week we posted an article about the US Census Bureau’s new demographic mapping resource on the US’s most populace states (including Texas). But now we have discovered another great comparison-making map resource using both 2010 and 2000 census data on major cities.

The Visualizing a Changing Region, Block by Block -“Comparinator” website comes out of the Center for Urban Research at the City University of New York. The map uses a “before and after” technique that media websites have used for¬†images of natural disasters like this one of Joplin Missouri, created after its recent Tornado.

Using the “comparinator”, you can map profiles of the city, neighborhood, or census track using a side-by-side view, overlay, or even using a slider bar, to see 2000 vs 2010 changes morph right before your eyes.

More cities will be included soon, and more rich data sets should find there way into the system eventually. But as we stated last week, this type of free data should be a great resource for community leaders, planners and students doing research on Houston or other major urban areas.

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