Vets 9 Month Wait for Cancer Assessment Illustrates Problems at Veterans Administration

Just as more national details of the Veterans Administration’s internal investigation of hospital problems are reported, comes local details of a female vet who had to wait 9-months for VA doctors to approve her skin cancer treatments at MD Anderson.
(Video: KHOU 11 News)

Houston's Debakey Veterans Hospital

Houston’s DeBakey Veterans Hospital


HISD Goes Far Outside of Texas to Find New Teachers

Finding and keeping teachers has been a constant challenge for the Houston Independent School District for many years. But now the district is focusing more and more on recruiting far outside of Texas. (Video: KTRK 13 News)

HISD recruits new teachers globally, finds _goldmine_ in North Carolina |

A big challenge for retaining teachers in Texas is the gap between pay levels and the ability to make an income elsewhere in the state.

Texas Special Education Ranks Near the Bottom Nationally

Texas public schools are so under-performing in the area of special education that the federal Department of Education is suggesting that outside intervention is necessary. (Video: KRIV 26 News)

Image: Dept of Education